Max and the

Red Head Dragon

A red-haired dragon named Gabrielle meets a red headed little boy named Max. Together, they go on a quest to understand what makes them the same, but they learn to embrace what makes us all different.

Mama Why Am I Black

Five-year-old Iskinder has a very important question about himself for his parents. The small family embark on a discussion that has many fascinating answers… answers that we all could learn from.

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The Little


It was a special night in 2016 when Chanukah and Christmas occurred on the same night, but something even more magical was about to happen. A snow heart, a massive snow storm and faith came together to create Michael – the little snow boy.


The Flower That

Could Not Talk

Addison could not talk, but he and nature had great conversations without the words. He wanted to share this beauty with his school friends and the neighborhood kids but didn’t know how. Could the flower that could not talk show Addison how to share this beauty?

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The Chubby


12-year-old Billy thought he was just a growing boy and perfectly healthy. Then he sees the first lady on television and realizes that he’s not going to grow out of his chubby body. Even worse, he fears that his parents could die from being obese. Billy sets out on a journey to change not only his life but the lives of those around him.