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Born To Try

Stepping Stones of Life

Lorin W Yakiwchuk


Born To Try

Stepping Stones Of Life


Life is never easy for anyone, but one has to make peace with it sooner or later. Our strength lies in our ability to recognize our potential and reach for the moon. I, of all people, should know that because that is exactly what I did. If you, like me, are also interested in doing right by life and are interested in growing up in the business and entrepreneurship mindset and seeking your dreams in the process, this book is for you!


What people think of Lorin ?

Business people respect your business analysis in areas of Real Estate markets, Building projects, Stock analysis, Business M&A and Politics (Gordon, Howard,Renan, Jerry, etc) Family sons like your sense of humor and business advice.Has lots of ideas, judgemental, good analysis of situations, creative thinker. Needs to get hearing tested because he does not listen to me (lol) wife.Thinks of the boys futures and our own.